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Father daughter...

Dear Diary,

Seems a bit ironic that I get you on the worst day of my life. It’s should have been the best day of my life. Today was my birthday. I knew it was going to turn out bad when my dad gave me this childish diary with cartoon animals all over the place. What am I? Eight? Fifteen Dad, come on! I’m not much for writing, but I’m so upset today I had to do something. Today my parents told me they are getting divorced,, can you believe it?


Isabella looked down at the mess of wrapping paper in her lap and fished out the thick book. The cover was white and was littered with kittens and puppies romping around. All the rest of the available space was filled with neon pink hearts. A useless tiny lock dangled from one side. The kind of cheap lock you could pick with a bobbie pin.

“Wow dad.” Isabella muttered, flashing him a forced smile as she tucked her raven black hair behind her ears. Why was she not surprised that her father decided to do some last minute birthday shopping. “A diary, thanks.” She tried not to sound so half-hearted as she flipped the book over to discover the same cartoon animals on the back.

Her father smiled up from his paperwork. He was in his late thirties with jet-black hair, board shoulders and a tad over six feet tall. They sat at the dinner table, dinner having just ended. Isabella’s mother washed dishes in the kitchen. Because it was her birthday, Isabella was exempt from dish duty. “I’m glad you like it Bella. I saw a girl waiting at the bus stop writing in one just like that. She couldn’t have been over 10 years old, she reminded me so much of you at that age. You sure have grown up Isabella. You’re not my little girl anymore.” He said with a wistful, faraway sound to his voice and his smile grew.

Well when he put it like that… “It’s nice dad. Different, but nice.” Isabella didn’t mind the strange gift really. Her father was a busy man. Most of the time she just got an extra large allowance on her birthday. Enough money to buy whatever she wanted. A gift was a nice change, even if it was meant for someone a few years younger. “It’s a change.” Isabella echoed her thoughts softly.

A silence fell then, her father returned to his paper and the dishes clinked as her mother washed them. In contrast to her father, Isabella’s mother was short, with bright, bottle blonde hair, she was curvy, but age had rounded her curves a little more than usual. Put the two together and she was what they got.

Isabella was slightly shorter than her mother, a wisp of a girl but with all the curves her mother had in her youth, breasts that were a palm full and hips that curved to a small but firm ass. She inherited her mother’s pale skin and big green eyes, but her father gave her her blue-black hair. Isabella was small, but not delicate. She was tough, having participated in many school sports and activities. And at her age, the last thing she expected for her birthday was a diary fit for a tween.

“Speaking of change.” Her mother’s voice rang, jolting her out of her thoughts. “There’s something we need to talk to you about.”

“Elly.” Her father warned, and Isabella saw her mother’s back go ridged.

“Well we have to talk about it sometime.” Elly snapped over her shoulder.

“Not on her birthday.” Jonathan returned, not once looking up from his paper.

“Talk about what?” Isabella glanced from one parent to the other. Their little scraps didn’t bother her anymore, she was use to it. She used her forefinger to poke her little silver rimmed glassed higher on her nose.

“Nothing Bella Baby. Don’t worry about it.” Her father reassured gently, glancing up at her.

“It is something, and stop calling her that. She’s not a child anymore, don’t coddle her.” Elly slammed the last plate into the drying rack and dried her hands on a dish cloth.

“I’ll coddle her for the rest of my life, Elly. She’s my only baby girl. I’m allowed to.” Jonathan gave up on his paperwork and abandoned it. He flashed his wife a glare even though her back was turned, drying the dishes.

“Hey! Talk to me about what?” Isabella pushed, wadding up the wrapping and tossing it into the trash from her chair. “I’m a big girl, I’m sure I can hear it on my birthday.” She said, smiling to herself. Her mother turned around, drying a dish in her hand.

“You’re father and I are getting a divorce.” She said quickly.

The smile faded from Isabella’s face. “You are?” She glanced back and fourth between her parents again. The heat rushed from her face, leaving her feeling cold and heavy with dread. “W-why? When?”

Jonathan sighed. “You’re mother and I talked about it some time ago Bella, please understand.”

Isabella felt her heart pounding behind her ribs; she clutched the hard cover of the diary painfully to her stomach. “But you guys hardly get into any fights, or anything.” Was one of them cheating? Again her eyes flashed to her mother and back to her father. No, her mother was too churchy, too prideful for sleeping around. And her father was loyal, and wouldn’t want to hurt the family. At least she thought so. Perhaps she didn’t know her parents at all.

“The little arguments your father starts are enough, they are worse than fights.” Her mother snapped, grabbing another dish to dry.

“The paperwork is already here, Bella Baby, it will be awhile before it is final. Two, maybe three months.” Her father added.

Surprised, Isabella felt tears stinging her eyes. She should be thankful that her parents had stayed together as long as they had. All her friends had parents that had separated years ago. She was too old to cry about it. But the tears wouldn’t stop building. “Who’s idea was it?” She said between her teeth to hold back the sob that wanted to escape her throat. Her eyes darted directly to her mother. Out of the two of them, she seemed to be the most unhappiest.

“It was my idea.” Her father said softly.

Stunned, Isabella slowly turned to the handsome face of her father. He looked at her for only a moment before looking away.

“Dad?...why?” she was shocked to feel such…betrayal. She had always been closer to her father. She was stunned that he would keep this from her. She was part of this family too Damnit! Horrified to find that she couldn’t hold back her tears, she let them fall to her cheeks and she bolted out of the chair and raced up the stairs to the second floor and into her room. She slammed the door in a very adolescent way and sat on her bed. She clutched the diary to her as she cried. She cried good and hard for only a minute before she forced herself to stop.

“I’m being a baby.” She muttered to herself, glancing over at her reflection in the mirror over her dresser. Her face was red a puffy from the crying, her eyes were red and still watery. Thankfully, her mother didn’t allow her to wear make-up, so she was saved from having to mop up that kind of horror show. Her glasses were speckled from where her lashes had flicked her tears on the lenses. She took them off and used her shirt to rub the spots away. As she did this, there was a knock on her door.

“What?” She snapped, not looking up from her glasses.

“Bella? It’s me, can I come in?” Her father asked through the door.

Defeated, Isabella quickly scrubbed her eyes dry, “Sure.” She answered, wiping her hand quickly against her cheeks to remove the tear streaks on her face. She turned as her father walked in, the hurt in his eyes made her look away.

Jonathan sat on the bed next to her. “I’m sorry Bella. I know I hurt you and your mother asking for a divorce.” He placed a large warm hand on her shoulder. His thumb and forefinger gently stoking the bare skin of her neck.

Feeling herself crumble again, she climbed into his lap like she had always done as a child. “Oh Daddy.” She whimpered as she smashed her face against his chest. She tossed the diary and her glasses on the bed and wrapped her arms around her father’s strong figure. “I don’t know why I’m taking it so hard. I’m not a kid anymore.” She said, muffled by his chest. He felt warm and safe, the way he gently rocked her and petted her. “I’m normally not so bratty.”

Jonathan ran his hand up and down his daughter’s spine, petting her ever so gently. He felt bad for what he had done, but it was necessary for his own happiness, and he knew his baby girl would understand. He was going to tell her about the divorce soon enough, just not on her birthday. She looked so sweet in her bright blue t-shirt and blue jeans. Her long hair was free from its normal braid or ponytail. She looked so grown-up, so beautiful. He was proud of what his daughter had grown to become. Now her special day was ruined. He would make it up to her, somehow.

But right now his mind had drifted to something else, something shocking. It had been a few years from the last time his daughter had crawled into his lap. When had her tits become so big? They were pressed deliciously against his chest and rubbed him every time he rocked her slowly. Sure they weren’t handfuls like her mother’s, but just enough to cup with his hand if he wanted to, which suited her small frame just fine. And why did the idea of cupping his baby girl’s tits not disturb him like it should have? But the sob that came from her tore his mind from the lustful taboo thought. “Oh Bella, baby girl, I’m sorry. Please stop crying.”

Immediately she grew silent and he felt her body tremble as she took a deep breath. His hand never stop petting her back, up and down, up and down, up and he let his hand trail down far enough to reach the curving crest of her ass then back up again. There it was again. He felt a little jolt zip straight to his cock at the thought that he just sneaked by and copped a feel of his own baby’s ass. Worse yet, he wanted to do it again, he wanted his hand to linger on the smooth mounds. He mentally shook himself; his daughter just had a shock for God’s sake.

Isabella swallowed hard and looked up at her father with her red eyes and laughed weakly. “Sorry Daddy. I didn’t mean to break down like that again.”

“It’s okay Bella. I know it’s hard for you. You’re an adult now whose parents are separating. Change is a difficult and scary thing. I know it’s hard, but I still love you.”

She laughed softly and hugged him. “I know daddy. And I know things will be better this way. I just caught me by surprise is all,” she said against his neck. She liked the feeling of her lips moving against the skin of his neck. She like the feel of his five o’clock shadow on her skin, the roughness of it. Her father was so kind and loving. How could her mother let him slip away like this? “I still think it’s crazy.” She muttered.

Jonathan sighed. “I know. But it’s been going on for a long time now.” He kept his arms around his baby girl, enjoying the softness of her curves and the gangly look of her limbs draped over his legs. She was all grown up now, but still needed to grow out of the childish stage. The feel of her bottom and thighs pressing down on his groin was enough to make his cock jump and that familiar jolt ran through it, waking it up. It had been over four months from the last time his wife had let him touch her. The day he told her he wanted a divorce. His sex life had been cut off cold turkey. He blamed this strange lusting on the months of celibacy.

“I know.” Isabella nodded. Her father shifted and got comfortable. For a second she thought she was getting too heavy for her to sit on her father’s lap anymore, but an instant later she felt something jab against the cheek of her ass. She knew just was it was. But pretended she didn’t notice the poke below her. Was her father getting a hard on? Was it because she was sitting in his lap? She knew men’s cocks sometimes had a mind of their own and any little thing would set it off. She didn’t feel bad or guilty. Okay maybe a little guilty, she was too big to be climbing in her father’s lap anyway. But she didn’t want to move, not just yet. Isabella strangely liked the feel of her father’s cock poking at her. She shifted, acting as if to get comfortable as well and moved just enough that the large lump that was her daddy’s cock was now poking against her pussy slit. Not that she could really feel much with her jeans and her father’s pants in the way, but it was the thought that only a few layers of cloth separated his cock from her pussy.

Wow, such dirty thoughts about her own father! Where had they come from? Not that she didn’t notice her father before. From her first years of budding puberty and discovery incest porn online, she had looked at her father with a different light. Even fantasizing a few time having such a relationship with him. But she outgrew that…didn’t she? Every girl idol-worshiped their fathers. He never stopped the comforting petting; the weight of his hand on her back lulled her and calmed her sudden frayed nerves. “I love you Daddy.” She blurted out suddenly. Her arms tightened around him.

“And I love you Bella Baby.” He hugged her back.

A thought suddenly shot to the front of her mind. “Will you be moving away?” she sat back and looked at her father.

“You’re mother is moving back to Maine to be with more of her family. I’m thinking of heading to Seattle . That’s where most my business trips are anyway, may as well save and live there instead of having to catch a plane all the time. Besides it’s nice in Washington .”

She nodded. “Well, I asked because I guess I’ll have to go with you or with mom.” The idea of uprooting herself from her childhood town started to upset her all over again, but this time she was able to tamp it down.

“Well it’s still a ways away. So you don’t have to worry about it right now.” He gave his daughter a kiss on the forehead and scooted her off his lap and back on the bed. “Talk to you more tomorrow Bella, I got to get an early start at work tomorrow.”

“Night dad.” She watched as her father left, the door hardly clicked shut when it was opened again, this time her mother stepped in.

“I’m sorry about telling you this on your birthday, dear. Your dad is right; I should have waited for a different day.” Her mother sat on the bed beside her and picked at the invisible lint on her grey sweater.

Isabella felt sudden sadness for her mother. She didn’t want this divorce, she would have rather hung on to a mediocre marriage than seem like a failure in her own eyes. She reached out and hugged her mother, breathing in the heavy floral scent of her perfume. It was nothing like the musky, woodsy smell of her father, and yet still comforting. “It’s okay mom. I’m not upset anymore.”

Her mother returned the embrace. “I was shocked too; I think my reaction was the same as yours. Then I got angry, now I’m just trying to accept it. I love your father; I’ll forgive him soon and move on.”

“Dad says you’re gonna move back to Maine ?” She pulled away and sat back on the bed. She had never been to Maine or Washington before, and she wasn’t too keen on the idea of moving.

Elly nodded. “My cousins and your Aunt Abigail live out there; I want to be with them.” She gave her daughter a questioning look. “Are you going to come with me?”

“I don’t know yet.” Isabella answered truthfully. “But dad says not to worry about it, it will be a while before I have to go with one of you or move out on my own.” But deep inside she was almost sure she was going to leave with her father. Her mind flashed back to just a minute ago when she was sure she could feel her dad getting a hard-on because she was sitting on his lap. She felt slightly bad for thinking about it with her mother sitting beside her.

“Your father’s right.” Elly agreed. “Think about it in a few weeks.” She set her hand on her head and petted her hair once, giving her daughter a smile before standing. “I’ll see you in the morning Isabella.”

“Night mom!” The girl called as her mother left and softly shut the door behind her. Finally alone, she flopped backwards onto the bed and curled on her side. Wow, what an emotional rollercoaster. One minute it’s her birthday, the next the family was splitting apart and then she was getting wet at the thought of her father’s cock poking her.

What were those thoughts anyways? Where had they come from? Strangely though, she enjoyed recalling the feel of her dad’s cock pressing against their clothes to poke at her ass and slit. It was exciting, forbidden. Isabella sighed, climbed out of the bed and kicked off her jeans and tossed her shirt into the hamper in the corner of her room. Her bra followed. Curious, Isabella slipped her hand down the front of her lime green panties and ran her middle finger across her pussy slit. She was wet…she did get turned on by the thought of her father’s cock. Pulling her hand free she yanked on her pajamas, a simple knee length shirt, and grabbed her laptop from her dresser and plopped back in bed.

Needing release, an escape from her suddenly turn upside down world, she logged on, searched out a video porn site. She rummaged around her backpack and took the earphones from her MP3 player and plugged them into her laptop. No need to have one of her parents overhear. She searched the site and scrolled around until she found a video she though would suit. It was one of a “Barely legal Teen” And a much older man. The video was titled “Daddy Does his Little Girl.” Isabella was almost 100% sure that the couple on the homemade video wasn’t at all related, and that the “teen” was most likely in her mid twenties, but the fantasy was all she was after. She set the earphones in her ears and put the laptop on her bed and hit the download button. It took only a few seconds for the new page to load, the movie was only four minutes but it was enough for now.

The camera was set up pointing at a bed with only a sheet. No blankets, no pillows, just a bottom sheet. The naked woman sitting in the middle had firm round globes for tits, short mahogany hair and a completely shaved pussy, perhaps to help her look younger. She had her legs spread wide for the camera and she was slowly running her fingers across the lips of her bright pink pussy. The “Daddy” came into the shot; he was already naked as he climbed into the bed. He was pale against the tan skin of the younger woman, a bit of a pot belly but nothing much. He had salt and pepper hair and a moustache. Immediately he nestled his face against her spread pussy and the girl moaned as she relaxed back on the bed.

‘Mmm … oh Daddy..’ the daughter panted in Isabella’s earphones and she sat back, her eyes on the screen as she pulled up her night shirt and wiggled her hand back under her panties. The dad moved to massage her ample tits, letting his hard cock brush against his daughters pussy. He grabbed the base of his cock, running the tip across her slit, coating in her juices. Back and fourth, back and fourth.

Isabella followed, running her hand over her clit in the same slow back and fourth motion. The daughter on the laptop whimpered as the father slapped the head of his cock against her clit a few times before returning to the back and fourth rubbing. This went on for a few moments before he suddenly shoved his cock into her cunt. The girl instantly wrapped her legs around him as he slowly started to buck his hips.

‘Yes daddy…Mmm oh, yes.’ The girl cried as her father backed his cock out almost to the tip before slamming it back into her pussy. He took her thighs in his hands and all but folded the girl, pressing her legs to her chest as his hips moved in fast, deep thrusts. The bed shook with the force of his thrusts. Isabella smashed her two middle fingers into her slick pussy hole, closing her eyes and thinking back to her own fathers cock poking her there not long ago.

‘Fuck me Daddy, fuck your baby.’ The girl demanded in her ears.

‘Like that baby doll? Yes? Ugh, ugh..you like having your daddy’s cock in you?’ the man spoke for the first time and Isabella pretended it was her father’s voice. Her fingers pumped faster, harder, her juices coated her fingers and started to run down her ass crack.

‘Yes Daddy, harder…more, more mooorree!!’ the girl was screaming now. ‘Yes.. ugh, ugh.. fuck me daddy.. ugh.. put your cum in me.’

‘You want my cum in you? My little whore wants her daddy’s cum in her pussy hole?’

“Yes.” Isabella whimpered out loud as the girl on the video agreed. She pictured her father pounding his cock into her cunt, stretching her, owning her as her pussy tightening around his cock. She wanted to cum on her daddy’s cock, and milk the cum up from inside his balls.

‘I’m cumming daddy!’ the girl shouted, her cries growing as her orgasm hit her. The father started grunting, the slapping flesh grew louder and faster and Isabella felt her pussy twitch and her orgasm that was slowly building started to flow out of control.

‘I’m gonna cum in you, baby, I’m gonna cum deep in your pussy.’ The father stated.

She was going to cum too; Isabella felt her body grow taught as the wave of pleasure sent tremors thought her body. Her fingers felt the small gush as her pussy muscles pushed more of her juices out. She bit down on her bottom lip to keep from crying out, from being heard as she begged her father to walk in and fuck her right then and there. Her body shook, warm welcoming heat washed over her from head to toe.

‘You like that baby? Filled with your daddy’s hot cum?’ Isabella gasped for air as she opened her eyes and watched as the father spread the girls pussy lips wide and poked her pussy hole with two fingers, bringing a large, thick glop of cum to the surface. He then smeared it on her pussy lips and her clit, and bent his head to lick it up.

Isabella reached over and closed the window and yanked the earphones out of her ears. Still twitching from her orgasm, Isabella moved her laptop off the bed, onto the floor and stretched out, glancing over at her glasses and dairy that still sat on the foot of the bed. She slid her hand back under her panties, feeling how the small scrap of cloth had become soaked with her thick juices. It was the first time she had ever masturbated to a father/daughter video…or thought about her own father in the process of self-pleasuring herself. She felt slightly guilty now that the glow of her orgasm had faded. Grabbing for the book, she tore the set of tiny keys from the plastic loop that held them to the diary and used one to pop open the tiny lock.

Isabella flipped through the pages, they were pink, with the watermark of the cartoon kittens and puppies in the background. She had half expected as such. She grabbed a pen from her purse and wrote the date she got the gift and that it was from her father. She then proceeded to write about the horrible divorce and her new found interest in her father’s cock.


So it seems I can’t stop thinking about feeling dad’s cock against me again. I wonder what it looks like, what it feels like. My only hope is to maybe climb into his lap for comfort, even though I’m way past that sort of stage. It will be my mission, feel daddy’s cock again. It may just be the stress of the divorce, but I think he got hard because I was sitting on him. I’ll have to test it out and see.

()~~~()~~~() She closed the small book with a snap and set the lock back on. She then tucked it in-between her bed mattress and set the keys on her key chain in her purse. She would fill this book her father gave her with all the naughty thoughts and details about her sudden love of daddy cock.

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