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First time with MOM!

My mother was 16 when I was born and my father
left us when I was 6 and it was just me and my
mom after that. She wasn't shy about dressing in
front of me or walking in while I was in the tub
when I was young. But started getting a bit more
modest by the time I was 9 or 10. by the time I
was 14, I was sneaking looks at her and trying to
spy on her while she dressed or showered and would
jack-off regularly thinking of her.

Over the next few years she started drinking a
bit here & there after work and come home slightly
to very drunk a couple times a week She'd come home
and jump in the shower (few times she was drunk
enough that she would forget to shut the bathroom
door. Little did she know I was standing in the
doorway watching her and jacking off). But she
would always come out after her shower in just a
long robe and usually spend the evening in her
robe until she went to bed.

Anyway the first time I did anything with her,
she was very drunk came home, showered as usual,
put on her robe and came downstairs made a drink
and sat the living room to watch tv. She was
already drunk but this one put her over the edge
and she passed out. she slid down in the chair
slightly as she passed out which pulled her the
front of her robe open. So now my passed out mom
was fully exposed. I stared at her tits (great
nipples) and her trimmed bush for a few minutes
in awe.

I was so hard as this was the first time I had
ever got to look at a woman close up. I shook
my mom a few times to make sure she was out and
dropped my pants. I started rubbing my cock as
I reached out to feel her breast.I barely started
rubbing her tits when my cock jerked and shot cum
onto her stomach.

I went and got a towel to clean her up. By the
time I was dome wiping the cum off her stomach my
cock was hard as steel again. This time i was much
more bold and started squeezing her boobs and
pinching and sucking her nipples. I reached down
and rubbed my hand over her pubes and down between
the folds of her pussy. I licked my fingers and
stuck 2 inside. I got down between her legs to get
a close up view of what I was doing. My face was
only a few inches from moms pussy and I could smell
her. I had to taste her. I pulled my fingers out
and started licking my passed out mom. She tasted
so amazing.

I decided I wanted to feel her pussy while i came
so I started rubbing the head of my dick up and
down her slit and that's all I initially planned
on doing but she shifted positions which caused
me to slide into her warm cunt.I held still for
a minute to make sure she was still out and then
slowly started moving my cock. I had never felt
anything so soft and warm ever and within a few
minutes I was shooting cum deep in my own mom!
I ended up fucking her 2 more times before I had
to get some sleep myself.

She started coming home really drunk a bit more
often and everytime she would pass out I would
feel her , fuck her or cum on her. Then one night
she came home quite drunk, took her shower, had a
couple more drinks and started crying. She said
she was lonely and would I sleep in her bed so she
wouldnt be alone. She had one more drink then we
went to her room and I was wearing pajama bottoms
as I got into the bed. She pulled off her robe and
climbed in (I think she was so drunk that she forgot
she was nude or forgot it was her son she was
getting into bed with. I figured we were just going
to go to sleep. I snuggled up with her in a spooning
position, wrapped my arm around her and attempted to
fall asleep.

She moaned a bit and slid her ass back against my
crotch and grabbed the arm that I had around her and
pulled it up to her tits. My cock was instantly hard
as she ground her ass against it. As I rubbed her
tits and played with her nipples she reached back and
started rubbing my cock. She pulled it out and
started rubbing it on her ass and down farther so it
was rubbing in her slit. She moaned again and guided
my cock into her pussy. I started slowly moving in
and out. She felt incredible! She got on all fours
and I fucked her from behind and ended up shooting
a huge load of cum into her. I was tired and we fell
asleep - but only for a short time.

I woke up after about a half hour or so to her
licking my cock. I moved around so my face was right
under her pussy and started licking. She tasted so
good and I also got to taste my cum as it leaked out
of her pussy into my mouth. She started grinding her
slit into my face harder as she came then she totally
went to town on my cock jacking and sucking it until
I couldn't take it anymore. I shot stream after
stream into her mouth and on her face. She gave me
a kiss with her mouth and face still full of cum.
Our tongues played in her mouth and for 5 to 10 minutes
we kissed sharing the cum back and fourth until she
swallowed it.

We have had a handful of nights like
that from then on and you know that the other times
when she would come home and pass out I would always
play with her body and cum on or in her!

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