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My Daughter's Slumber Party Part 2

It took several days for my cock to fully recover and I couldn’t even masturbate because I was just too sore. That wasn’t to say that the girls weren’t busy without me… I had opened up a whole new world to them (a world that I made them promise they would never tell anyone about) and now they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.
Homework and after-school sports had gotten exceedingly more busy and time-consuming, so all of her friends weren’t able to come to our house as often as they usually did. Normally only one would manage to show up. On days when only Lisa came home, I would have her describe to me how she and her friends would 69 each other in the bathroom or made out in the corner during recess.
Almost every day, Lisa would come home with one of her friends (who wasn’t buried under homework or scheduled for sports practice), they would beg me to join them up in the bedroom, and after I would tell them that I was still recovering, they would disappointingly go up without me. Sometimes I would go up and watch them lick each other’s pussies and scissor each other, and give them the toys I had gotten at the sex store and watch them fuck each other.
Once I was finally in the condition to join them, there was something I quickly discovered; there was a huge difference between fucking them now and when I fucked them on that first night. Without the “enhanced” ecstasy I had given them, they were all much more shy, timid, and sensitive.
For example, the day after I was back in fucking-condition, I had Lisa and Anna in my bed. My daughter was sitting beside me and I was on top of Anna, driving my cock into her tiny frame. As sexy as the sight of her perky breasts bouncing and rolling was, the sound of her whining “no” and “stop” and trying to pull away from me wasn’t. And Lisa was just sitting like a nervous statue, when normally she would be touching herself or kissing her friend.
The next day, I had Julia bent over the bed and was fucking her the ass. She had her face buried in the blankets and was crying and screaming in pain, plus she was squeezing the muscles in her sphincter to try and keep me out. Normally she would start moaning in ecstasy and rubbing her pussy, or at least spread her ass cheeks so that I could go in even further. Again, Lisa was standing by with a nervous look on her face, wondering if she should ask me to stop hurting her.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved a good rape fantasy, but if I caused them too much pain, they would eventually tell someone and my free ride would be over. All of the girls were so skittish without the drugs that I couldn’t have fun with them. They wouldn’t even use the dildos all the way on each other because they couldn’t fully insert them without pain. I was a serious domination guy and this was a real problem. Yeah, I was fucking five sexy preteen girls, but I wanted to ravage them like I did before.
But on the other hand, I always had Lisa around. I absolutely loved gorging myself on my young daughter’s tiny little pussy and sucking on her pointing nipples. Like the rest of the girls, I couldn’t do anal or even full vaginal sex with her, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t always busy running my tongue all over her young petite body and having her suck me off. No one gives better head than your little girl.
If I wanted to fuck them all again the way I wanted to, I needed to get some more of those drugs. And while I was at it, I could finally explore some of my bondage fantasies…

“Hey, well if it isn’t the Party Guy!” The cashier at the Empornium laughed as I stepped through the front doors on Saturday morning. I couldn’t help but smile at the greeting.
“Hey, will if it isn’t the Orgy Master! I got to say, that stuff you gave me worked like a dream. I can’t thank you enough.” I chuckled.
“Your gratitude is greatly appreciated. So how can I help you today?” He asked.
“I’m planning another party and I was hoping to take a more dominant role.” I shrugged as I walked over.
“Ah bondage, our dirty little secret.” He hummed.
“So what do you suggest?” I asked.
“Well, I’m assuming that you’re going to have the same five women. Again, you’re going to need a way to keep them all entertained –or should I say restrained-. Might I suggest a few rigs? Here, I have a pamphlet that you can look through on the pieces we have in the backroom, and over in that section of the room are the smaller bondage toys.” He said, handing me a brochure and pointing to a corner of the room blocked off with dark curtains.
“Also, I was wondering if I could get some more of those pills you gave me? And you wouldn’t happen to have something to reduce the soreness of a prolonged erection, would you? By the time I was done last time, my dick looked and felt like the kid’s arm from Requiem For A Dream.” I sighed. The cashier chuckled.
“Yeah, I know exactly what you’re talking about. I’ll get the pills while you look through our selection.” He said.
I gave a nod of gratitude and walked off the corner. As I wandered amongst the shelves, I looked through the pamphlet of bondage rigs, licking my lips as I imagined the girls set up in them, crying in pain and pleasure with the ball gags in their mouths. I looked along the shelves, selecting a few toys that would work well with the rigs I had chosen. I came back to the front counter when I was done. The cashier had come back and was holding a small bag with all the pills.
“In the bag is a chemical that has to be injected into your dick, it will force the muscle tissue to swell up without the required blood flow of an erection. Take it with half of the Viagra I put in and you will have an erection that will last a whole night without any of the risk of other chemicals. It will hurt when you inject the chemical, but it won’t diminish your ability to feel with it and you won’t have any of the soreness afterwards. Trust me, it will save your blood vessels a lot of grief. And don’t worry, the FDA hasn’t gotten around to licensing it in the US, but it has been well-tested and deemed safe by several scientists in Europe.
Now, what have you chosen?” He asked.
I put a few toys on the table and picked one up. It was about the size of a TV remote with a plastic casing, two buttons on the middle, and two metal ends. One of the metal ends had a pair of small barbs on it.
“What can you tell about this one?” I asked.
“Oh, it’s one of the best. It’s sort of like a small taser. The flat metal end causes a zap like one of those novelty lighters that shocks whoever tries to use it. The end with the two barbs creates a spark that causes a small cigarette-like burn. It heals after a few days and masochists absolutely love it. It’s called the Candle, because it is a cleaner and more efficient than dripping hot wax on someone.” He explained. He then looked down at the rest of the toys, noting that they were all vibrators, handcuffs, and one dog collar and leash. I then unfolded the rig brochure.
“Ok, I’ll take that rotating cross brace, the sex swing, and that upside-down Y chair. Also, could I get the fuck-machines that go with them?” I asked.
“All of them?! Buddy, these things aren’t cheap.“ The cashier exclaimed.
“Trust me, they’ll be more than worth the money.” I said as I put my credit card down on the table.

It took two trips to get everything back to my house, for all the rigs and machines I had bought were larger than I thought (not to mention more expensive). I brought everything into the garage and then stepped into the house.
“Lisa!” I called out.
“I’m here Daddy!” My sweet little daughter called from the TV room. I smiled and walked through the house, following her voice. I stepped into the TV room and found Lisa sitting on the couch, watching cartoons.
“Hey honey.” I said warmly as I sat down on the couch and pressed my lips against hers. We kissed for several seconds and licked each other’s mouths. My daughter’s small soft mouth tasted so good, it was as if she had just gargled with sugar water.
“Ok honey, I need you to stay in here for a while.” I said when we finally stopped making out.
“Why Daddy?” She asked innocently.
“Well there are some things that I’m going to bring up to my room that I don’t want you to see. You could almost say they’re presents for you and your friends.” I said with a smile. Lisa’s face lit up.
“Then can I invite them over for another sleepover?” She asked. I instantly gained an erection at the thought.
“Definitely, bring them all over. We’re going to have another fun night.” I said. Lisa looked down and smiled when she saw my hard cock.
“Want me to take care of you Daddy?” She asked brightly.
I nodded and stood up, unzipping my pants. I held my erect dick in front of my daughter’s face and she wrapped her hand around it, stroking it and licking her lips. She opened her mouth and worked my cock inside, making me shiver at the touch of her lips, tongue, and cheek against the head and shaft.
“Lisa baby, you give the best blowjobs ever.” I groaned as her head bobbed back and forth.
“Do you like sucking your daddy’s cock?” I asked as I brushed her hair with my fingers. She took it out and began rubbing it against her face, smearing her face with her saliva.
“Yes Daddy, I love having your cock in my mouth.” She said coyly before continuing sucking on it.
“I have the best daughter ever.” I groaned with my head rolled back.

For the next few hours, I stayed locked up in my room, putting together the rigs from the porn shop. I had to move all the furniture out into the hall to make room and the directions weren’t quite crystal clear, but I was able to build them with plenty of time to rest and save my energy for tonight. Downstairs, I could hear Lisa’s friends showing up one by one. I could hear the giddiness in their voices as Lisa told them about the “presents”.
Once I was done, I went downstairs and greeted the girls. I could see them all getting horny when I told them about all the fun we were going to have tonight. But without the drugs in their system, I could also see fear and nervousness in their eyes. Without the drugs to confuse their senses, sex after the first night had been far more painful than pleasurable.
“Now girls, I know what you’re all thinking. Trust me, this night will be even more fun than the first night. It won’t be like the way it has been during the week. Trust me, everything is going to feel good.” I said reassuringly.
All the girls smiled and I brought them into the kitchen. Sitting on the kitchen table was a steaming pizza and five Dixie cups, filled with water. The hits of ecstasy I had bought had been ground up and mixed into it, along with sugar to remove the bitter taste.
“Drink up girls, and you’ll be as happy and horny as on the last slumber party.” I said. All the girls quickly drank the cups and began chewing on their lips in excitement.

After a pizza dinner, I went into the bathroom with a syringe and a bottle of the special chemical the cashier had given me. Cursing in pain, I injected the chemical into different areas of my dick, as instructed by my “dealer”. I could instantly feel a warming sensation moving through the veins in my groin as the chemical began to take affect. Mixed with the half of the Viagra I had taken and the testicular prolonger, I had a boner that could support a whole religion.
I stepped out of the bathroom and smiled. The girls were basically bouncing around the living room like gas molecules, pawing at themselves and each other. Julia and Ellen were slobbering each other’s faces in an attempt to make making out even sexier, Lisa was rubbing her pussy with her jeans wet from her juices, and Anna and Emily were grinding against the couch like pair of dogs looking for a leg to hump.
When they saw me, they all rushed over, sitting on the floor on their knees and licking their lips. The drugs I had given them last time were only two supplements diluted in a huge bottle of soda. This time, they were all given a whole pill… Now that I think about it, there was a chance one of them could have a heart attack…
“Daddy, please fuck me. I want your cock inside me!” Ellen groaned as she squeezed her nonexistent breasts.
“No, fuck me first Daddy! I want you to fuck my asshole!” Anna begged.
“Daddy, I’ll suck your cock if you fuck me first!” Julia whined with her hand deep in her panties. I smiled and licked my lips.
“Ok girls, take off your clothes and follow me up to my bedroom.” I hummed. All the girls quickly undressed and I brought them upstairs. I opened the door and the girl’s eyes instantly widened as they saw all the rigs set up in the bedroom.
In the corner was the sex swing, consisting of four large metal legs and a harness that could restrain someone in any position, without covering their body. In place of the bureau was a large vertical metal X on a stand, able to rotate in a full 360º. Next to the bed was metal chair with an unusual design. It had a two metal bases in which the recipient would sit on their knees with their legs spread, a metal back, and a pair of handcuffs at the top so that the recipient would have their wrists bound above their head. All three rigs had a fuck-machine underneath or behind it. A set of long-chained handcuffs had been attached to the four posts of the bed, with the five ball gags and several vibrators in the center.
“Ok girls, I have a game that I want to play; you’ve all misbehaved and I’m going to punish you. Are you ready to be disciplined?” I asked, having way more fun then I legally should.
“Yes Daddy!” They all yipped.
“Ok, bend over the side of the bed and put the gags in your mouths.” I hummed. The girls did what they were told and crouched down beside the bed with their stomachs against the sheets and their asses in the air. As they gagged themselves, I reached into my bureau in the hall and grabbed my belt.
I came back into the room and wrapped a portion of the belt around my hand. If it were too long or too short, it would work up too much energy and hurt them too much. As I measured how long the belt should be, the sexy little preteens were shaking their cute little asses side to side and trying not to rub their pussies.
“Ok Lisa, you’ll be punished first. Have you been a bad girl?” I asked.
“Mm-hmm.” She mumbled through the gag. Without reply, I swung my arm and lashed her across the ass with the belt. My daughter screamed as a long red welt instantly appeared on her left ass cheek. The rest of the girls stared at us in disbelief.
‘Ouch, too hard.’ I thought to myself.
Swinging again but more gentle than the first time, I lashed her across the rear. This time, the welt on her ass was far less discernable and Lisa’s scream contained a hint of pleasure.
“Have you been a bad girl?” I asked again as I rubbed her bruised rear.
“Mm-hmm!” She groaned through her gag.
I smacked her again, this time making her moan even more. I continued smacking her again and again, making her cute little ass cheeks swell from red welts. I then moved over to Anna, who was so horny with anticipation that her whole body was shaking. I unfastened her gag and saliva poured from her lips.
“Have you been a bad girl?” I asked, pulling her hair back.
“Yes, I’ve been a bad girl! Please punish me Daddy!” She moaned. Ah, music to my ears.
I secured the gag, stood back up, and smacked her once, making her cry out from the pleasure and pain. I smacked her again, savoring the sound of the belt against her ass. I then switched my hold on my belt so that my hand was free. I smacked her with my palm, striking hard enough to leave a hand-shaped welt on her rear.
“Om dmti!” She moaned through her gag. I struggled not to laugh at the attempt to say ‘oh daddy’.
I continued smacking her rear, savoring both the feel of her soft skin and brutal sound that echoed from the ripples being sent through her flesh. I moved along the line of girls, taking turns with each of them to brutally smack them until their cute little asses were red with welts and bruises.
I stood up and pulled all the girls off the bed by their hair.
“Ok girls, now the real punishment begins.” I said with a maniacal smile.
I reached under the bed and pulled out the dog collar and leash I had gotten from the sex shop. I secured it around my daughter’s neck and told her that she had to crawl on her hands and knees. I then wrapped Ellen’s long hair around my fingers and brought her over to the X rig. I secured her wrists and ankles in the leather shackles and positioned the fuck machine that was secured by a brace stretching across the two lower legs of the rig. Ellen moaned as I pushed the dildo on the metal arm into the swollen lips of her camel toe. I turned the machine on and the rotor began to spin, shifting the mechanical arm forwards and backwards in a slow and steady rhythm.
“Do you like that?” I asked as I retrieved a stack of Dixie cups on a nearby windowsill.
“Mm-hmm.” She replied with a nod.
“Then you’re going to love this.” I said as I cranked up the speed.
The machine began to whine as the rotor spun faster and faster, driving the dildo into Ellen’s tiny body so quickly that it was almost a blur. I then spun the rig around on its rotating base, so that Ellen was hanging upside down with the dildo being rammed down into her like a jackhammer, and set down one of the Dixie cups beneath her head. She was howling through the gag as the machine brutally violated her again and again every second, while hanging upside down was making her dizzy and light-headed. Her body was jerking almost wildly as the dildo drove down into her and saliva dripped from her gag and into the cup.
During the last orgy, I noticed something interesting. It turned out that the combination of the drugs and extreme arousal caused all the girls to salivate excessively. They were like basset hounds at a water bowl for fuck’s sake! And they weren’t the only lips that got wet. When the girls were aroused last time, their cunts were so slippery and soaked with their juices that they were practically dripping. But now that my hypothesis had been proven correct, I figured that I could use it for the orgy (and laugh about it later).
All the other girls sat on the floor, rubbing their pussies as they watched their friend being violated by the machine while hanging like a slab of meat. I walked over and forcefully grabbed Julia, pulling her over to the sex swing with my daughter obediently crawling on her hands and knees naked. While it was more difficult than the X rig, I was able to pick Julia up and secure her in the harness, with her hands tied behind her back and her legs spread with her ankles against her thighs.
I made sure all the straps were tight before I adjusted the fuck machine behind her. Unlike the one hammering Ellen ten feet away, this one had two metal arms, both on opposite sides and opposite ends of the rotor wheel, meaning that one would move forward while the other moved back. On each arm was a dildo.
I slowly pushed the whole lower dildo into her pussy and the head of the upper dildo into her asshole. She groaned as the two toys entered her, but she was about to groan a lot more. I turned on the machine and the lower dildo was pulled back while the upper dildo was driven into her ass. In less than a second, it pulled it out of her ass and forced the lower dildo back into her wet cunt.
I cranked up the speed and Julia gave off a continuous scream as the machine double-teamed her faster than two humans could possibly achieve. Her tiny body was being completely drilled as her asshole and cunt were hammered with brutal speed. I watched with a smile as her eyes rolled back up into her head and her body was being pushed forward with each thrust of the toys. I set down another Dixie cup, taking careful aim to collect the saliva dripping from her lower lip.
I came back and this time grabbed Anna. I brought her over to the metal chair (if it could even be called that) and forced her into the position, having her on her knees with her legs spread and her wrists handcuffed above her head. Like with Ellen and Julia, there was a fuck machine beneath her. I set it up and pushed the dildo up into her before turning it on. Unlike the other two machines, this one was basically a large drill and the dildo on the end was curved and bumpy, almost like a long grape branch covered in thick rubber. As the preteen moaned with the dildo spinning in her tight cunt, I reached into my bedside table and pulled out two clothespins. I had almost forgotten about them...
With sadistic enjoyment, I put them on Anna’s round breasts. She screamed through her gag and thrashed from side to side as they clamped down on her nipples. Combined with the bulbous dildo spinning inside of her, she was filled with both pleasure and pain. I set a Dixie cup underneath her, to collect the slow drops of pussy juice falling from her violated cunt.
I came back to the bed and grabbed Emily. I put her on the bed and secured her wrists and ankles in the handcuffs linked to the four bedposts. I picked up the vibrators that had been set on the bed and slowly began pushing them into her. I was able to fit one in her asshole and two in her pussy, making her cry out from just the penetration. When I turned them all on… her voice reached new levels of volume that I didn’t think were possible. She was basically screaming as the toys shook and rumbled inside her at their highest setting. She tried desperately to clamp her legs or rub her pussy to lessen the extremity of the feeling, but the handcuffs were holding strong.
With the four other girls now being taken care of, I turned to my daughter, who was still on her hand and knees and looking up at me like a cat.
“Now honey, it’s time for your punishment.” I said before reaching into the bedside table and pulling out the small shocker. Her eyes widened when a tiny spark buzzed between the two barbs.
I crouched down and laid her on the floor on her back. I turned the shocker over in my hand and pressed the flat end against her hip. I pressed down on the button and Lisa jerked with a yelp as it gave her a small jolt, no more dangerous than a novelty gum-shocker.
I pressed it against her nipple and she gave a louder yelp as electricity passed through her small breast. I moved it over and shocked her other nipple, making her cry out again. I switched back and forth, shocking her breasts over and over again, taking great pleasure in the expression on my daughter’s face and her whimpers of pain and joy.
I bent down and wrapped my lips around her left nipple, sucking on it hungrily while I zapped her right. My daughter moaned as I switched back and forth, shocking and sucking on her tiny breasts. I then moved down, dragging my tongue down her flat belly, before pressing my lips against her pussy.
Lisa moaned and hummed through her gag as I sent my tongue deep into her pussy, savoring the taste of my young daughter’s juices. Her tiny young body tasted oh so sweet. Unfortunately, that was all I could taste, as any innocence she had had been taken a while ago. Her pussy was so wet and soft that I couldn’t get enough of it.
Reluctantly I finally sat back up. Licking my lips, I turned the zapper over in my hands and pressed the button, creating a small spark between the two barbs at the end. I pressed the end against the underside of her breast and held down the button again. Lisa screamed and rubbed her pussy from the sexual delight and the agonizing sting as a small cigarette-like burn appeared bellow her nipple.
I moved to her other, putting a small burn right on her nipple. She screamed again, rubbing her hands all over her body. I moved down, sparking the barbs against her flat belly and leaving several tiny burns. The cashier was right, this thing was no more dangerous than hot wax and the tiny singe marks would probably disappear in less than a few days.
I finally brought the tiny zapper all the way down and inserted the flat end into her pussy, right between the lips. I pressed down on the button and Lisa jerked with a yelp as I shocked her cunt. The buzzing electricity shot through the tiny lips, causing an instantaneous orgasm. I pressed the button again and held it down. My daughter jerked almost violently as her pussy was shocked without pause. She moaned over and over again as the electricity initiated countless orgasms.
I switched the shocker again in my hand and pressed the tiny barbs against her left pussy lip. With a maniacal grin, I held down the button and small spark flashed between the two barbs, creating a small cigarette burn on her cunt. Lisa cried out in pain, but also arched her back and squeezed her breasts in arousal.
I pulled the shocker away and gripped my manhood. I wanted to fuck her so badly that my whole body was shaking. Without any hesitation, I forced my cock into my daughter’s tiny pussy. Again she cried out from the brutality of the violation, but her voice carried far more enjoyment and arousal than before.
I took the memorized rhythm and began ramming Lisa’s cunt, forcing my manhood as far into her as possible as fast as possible. Her cunt felt so good against my cock, especially now that I was able to go all the way in. Lisa gave off a continuous moan as I hammered her with brutal intensity. With each thrust, I shocked her breasts again and again with the zapper, making her jerk as electricity traveled through her erect nipples.
All around us, Lisa’s friends were watching her get fucked by her father, while they themselves were gutting fucked by machines. Every few seconds, one of them would scream in sexual enjoyment as the machines would trigger an orgasm. Ellen was completely disoriented as the dildo was forced down into her like she was a slab of pavement getting shattered by a jackhammer, Julia struggled to spread her legs as far as possible in order to lessen the pain of her asshole and cunt being violated by the twin dildos, Anna’s nipples were aching from clothespins and pussy juice was dribbling from her cunt, and the sheets underneath Emily were completely drenched from cumming, having experienced more orgasms already than all of the other girls combined.
Lisa let out a particularly loud moan as I caused her to have another orgasm. Without missing a beat, I flipped her over and set her up on her hands and knees. I pressed the head of my cock against her asshole and pushed it in, stretching it with the fullness of my manhood. Lisa cried out from the painful insertion and instinctively tried to pull away, but I had a solid hole and forced my manhood all the way inside her tight little anus.
Moving in and out, I fucked my daughter’s asshole with all the speed and strength I could muster. Drowning out the whirring of the machines and the other’s girls’ moans, the sound of my daughter’s cute little ass clapping against my thighs was the loudest in the house.
Without stopping, I reached forward and unfastened her gag. It fell out of her mouth, along with a stream of saliva.
“Do you like that baby? Do you like being your daddy’s little fuck-slave? Do you like being on a leash and getting your ass violated by your daddy’s cock?” I asked, ramming her over and over again.
“Yes Daddy, I love getting fucked! I love being your little fuck-slave! Punish me Daddy, fuck my asshole with your big cock!” She moaned.
Eager to oblige, I picked up speed, ramming her as hard as possible. As I fucked her, I pulled back on her leash as if she was a hyperactive dog. By tugging on her leash, I was able to force her back on my penis and fuck her harder. While I drove my manhood into my daughter, I pressed the zapper against her ass and pressed down on the button, leaving a tiny burn on tiny cheek. She yelped in pain but rubbed her pussy, relishing the kinky pain.
After several minutes, I pulled my cock out of her and spat in her gaping asshole. After ten more thrusts, I pulled out for good and tugged on her leash, dragging her over to me. With my cock slippery with ass juice, I forced it into her mouth. She began hungrily sucking me off, but to me, that wasn’t good enough. I wrapped her hair around my fingers and pushed down on the back of her head, forcing my dick farther into her throat.
I could feel the ridges of the back of her throat grinding against the head of my cock, with my daughter’s uvula prodding my shaft. Tears ran down her cheeks as the gag reflex kicked in. She pushed against me, trying to pull the phallus out of her mouth so that she at least wasn’t choking on it, but I easily kept it buried in her throat.
Finally, her whole body convulsed and I felt something warm and wet on my cock. Had she just thrown up? I pulled my cock out and smeared the vomit and saliva across her face, mixing it with her tears while she gasped for air. Before she could catch her breaths, I pushed my manhood back into her mouth, making her clean it off.
With my cock clean, I got up and retrieved my belt. I walked over to Ellen, while pulling my exhausted daughter along on her leash. Ellen’s face had turned red from all the blood rushing to her head and her eyes had rolled back. Her cunt and stomach were slick with her juices, but the hammering of the dildo had practically knocked her out.
I rotated the rig so that she was right-side-up, relieving her of her headache. I wrapped my belt around my hand so that just a foot of it was hanging down. I swung my arm and smacked her across the stomach. The pain woke her back up and she yelped in pain. I smacked her across the stomach again, leaving a red welt. I swung my arm and aimed higher, this time whipping her left two-dimensional breast. She cried out in pain and her nipple instantly began to swell. I smacked her breast a second time, taking great pleasure in the sight and sound of her pain.
I moved over to her other breast and smacked her, making her other nipple swell and leaving a red welt across her chest. I switched back and forth, whipping her breasts over and over again. I then moved down and smacked her inner thighs, making her cry out in pain and ecstasy. Again and again I smacked her, leaving red welts across her smooth legs.
I pulled out her gag and crouched over her, stuffing my ballsack into her mouth. She sucked my balls with gusto, running her tongue all over the sensitive flesh. Careful not to bang my nose, I began licking her sopping wet pussy. After a minute I unfastened her leather shackles and gently lowered her down to the floor.
I then unhooked Lisa’s leash, picked her up, and set her on the rig. The metal was slippery with sweat and pussy juice from her friend. I set up the dildo in her cunt and activated the machine, making her cry out in euphoria. With a wide thrust, I spun the rig, sending my daughter rotating in circles as the toy violated her with inhuman speed.
Ellen was completely limp on the floor, but I set her up on her hands and knees. I pushed my cock into her bruised pussy, instantly raising my eyebrows in surprise at how loose it was. After being rammed for so long by the machine, she felt less like a preteen Asian girl with a camel toe and more like a mature porn star. I unfastened the ball gag and it fell out of her mouth, covered in drool.
At first she was unresponsive to my cock, and I was not going to allow that. I leaned back and grabbed her wrists, pulling her arms backwards almost to the point where there was a risk of dislocation. From my leaned-back position, I began thrusting forward, slamming against her with enough force to throw her forward, then I would pull back on her arms, and force her back onto my dick.
“Oh yes Daddy, fuck me just like that! Fuck me with your big cock!” She moaned, having been woken up by my thrusts and the brutality.
Oh god, her pussy felt SO much better than before. The first time, it was like trying to fuck a closed fist. Now it was like fucking velvet soaked in lube. Sacrificing a few seconds, I let go of her wrists and retrieved my belt, looping the end through the buckle. I wrapped the improvised leash around her throat and pulled her back on my cock.
Once again, Ellen was on her hands and knees while I slammed her stretched cunt with my dick, but this time she was gasping for air and gagging as I pulled back on her leash. Holding onto her leash with one hand, I used my other hand to work as many fingers as possible in and out of her asshole in preparation.
Once Ellen had an orgasm, I pulled out of her and laid back, pulling her onto my lap. With Ellen holding herself up in a crabwalk, I pushed my rock-hard cock into her tight asshole. Ellen gave a shrill moan as I forcefully violated her tight anus, and I groaned from the incredible vice grip.
While it took some time to get used to the tightness, Ellen was soon bouncing up and down on my cock, moaning in exhilaration and rubbing her pussy. Her asshole felt so good around my cock, the tender wet flesh was pressing against my manhood from all angles and sides. But even better was the psychological feeling of abusing her tight little asshole. The tiny little Asian girl was moaning with perverse delight as she felt her anus being desecrated and stretched while my cock went deep into her scrawny body.
I pulled my cock out her asshole and switched to her pussy, making Ellen hum and lick her lips in arousal from the juices of her ass being stirred in her cunt. She leaned forward on her hands and knees with her legs spread, bouncing on my manhood with only her lower body. While she swung her pelvis on my cock, I spanked her cute little ass cheeks, enjoying the smacking sound of my hands against the soft skin.
“Daddy, can I taste it?” Ellen groaned. I pulled up on her leash, making her whimper.
“Beg for it.” I demanded.
“Please let me taste it. I want to taste my wetness on your cock. I want so suck and gag on your cock!” She whined.
I pulled down on her leash, forcing her down to the floor. She laid down on her back and I climbed on top of her, with my cock in her face and her pussy near mine. I pushed my cock into her mouth and deep into her throat, with my ballsack draped over her face.
I raised my pelvis, pulling out my cock so that the head was right against her tongue. I then rammed it back in, making her cough and gag on the shaft. She was even tearing up from the agitation of her gag reflex.
“Come in, take it! You’re being punished, remember?” I barked.
I pulled out my penis and rubbed it across her face, mixing her saliva with her tears. I pushed it back into her mouth and began moving back and forth, fucking her throat. Ellen became limp as I used her like a mere sex toy, fucking her without any hesitation or remorse. Her eyes were screwed shut as she tried to endure my dick pummeling her throat and my ballsack slapping her face with each thrust. While I fucked her, I used the zapper on her vagina and anus, pushing the smooth end inside of her and shocking her, or turning it over and leaving countless tiny burns on her pussy lips and cute little ass cheeks. She would cry out in pleasure and pain with each jolt or singe on her soft body.
After several minutes, I pulled my dick out of her mouth and again smeared it across her face. I stood up and pulled on the belt around her throat, forcing her onto her hands and knees. With Ellen crawling on her hands and knees beside me, I walked over to Julia. The sexy preteen was nearly catatonic from having her asshole and cunt hammered by the two dildos. The Dixie cup beneath her was almost half-full from saliva dripping from her gag. I unwrapped the belt from around Ellen’s throat and doubled it on my hand. I smacked it across Julia’s breasts, waking her up and making her cry out with each sweet whiplash.
I turned off the machine and pulled it away. Julia gave huge shiver as the toys left her for good. Her vagina and anus seemed to be in a permanent gape, letting me stare deep into her tiny body. I unfastened her ball gag and it fell to the floor. Ellen instantly picked it up and licked it clean. I got down on my knees and sent my tongue into her pussy and asshole, licking them both and the area between.
Julia hummed and moaned from the feeling of my tongue inside her. While she was soaking wet with arousal, the two dildos ramming her with the brutal speed had created a lot of friction and rubbed her insides raw. My soft tongue on her tender flesh was like moisturizer on a sunburn. I had her smooth skinny thighs up on my shoulders and my face completely buried between her ass cheeks, while I rubbed and squeezed the soft fleshy mounds.
While I ate her out and licked her orifices like a dog cleaning two empty peanut butter jars that it pulled out of the trash, Ellen was on her knees, making out with Julia. The two preteens were sucking on each other’s tongues and pinching each other’s nipples. Ellen had Julia’s ball gag and was working it in her pussy and asshole, using it to fuck herself. Every ten seconds, she would pull it out and they would each lick it clean, then Julia would spit on it, they would both giggle, and resume kissing while Ellen fucked herself with the gag.
Julia suddenly released a shrill moan as I entered her cunt, fucking her almost as fast as the machines. I stopped after ten thrusts and forced the zapper into her anus. Julia screamed as I pressed down the button for the flat end, sending an electric charge all the way through her anus and into her sphincter. I held the button down while I rammed her cunt.
“Harder Daddy! Fuck my pussy harder! I want a real cock inside me!” She groaned.
Her pussy was so sloppy and wet from the hammering of the fuck machine, it was like getting a blowjob from a woman without any teeth. There was almost the sound of gum being chewed as I fucked her, from air entering her gaping cunt when I pulled out, then being compressed and released when I forced my erect phallus back into her tiny body. She felt so much looser than before, I had to fight the urge to donkey punch her in order to tighten her back up. In front of me, Ellen was standing up so that Julia could suck on her nipples, humming and purring at the taste and feeling of her tongue against her friend’s flat breasts.
“Ellen, go get the strap-on under the bed.” I ordered as Julia screamed from an orgasm.
While Ellen retrieved the toy, I got on the other side of Julia and pushed my penis into her mouth. At first, it was gentle blowjob, but then I grabbed the sides of her head and began skull-fucking her. Her eyes were screwed shut as I used her, slamming her throat with the head of my dick. Julia suddenly lurched forward as I tripped her gag reflex, causing her to vomit on my manhood. I pulled out my dick and used it to smack the sides of her face, smearing the vomit and saliva across her face.
“Please cum in my mouth Daddy, I want to taste your cum.” She begged, gasping for air.
“Not yet, you have to wait for it.” I said. I turned to Ellen, who was wearing the strap-on.
“Start fucking her in the ass, and don’t stop unless I tell you to.” I ordered.
“Yes Daddy.” She said with excitement.
She rushed behind Julia and tried to push the dildo into her asshole, though I had to lower her in the sex swing before Ellen could even reach. The tiny Asian girl pushed the dildo into her friend, making her call out in ecstasy.
“Oh yes Ellen, fuck me!” She groaned as her friend began to move back and forth, violating her with the toy.
I retrieved my belt and slowly walked over to Anna, licking my lips. The full-breasted preteen stared at me with wide eyes. The air around her was filled with the sound of the large drill under her, still spinning with the bumpy dildo in her cunt.
I grasped one of the clothespins on her nipples and gently pulled it, making her moan in masochistic joy. I began pulling on both, jerking them to the sides and stretching her already swollen nipples. I finally pulled off the clothespins and Anna sighed in relief, glad that blood could finally flow to the erect nubs and ease the soreness.
I pulled out her gag and rubbed them against her swollen nipples, covering them with her saliva. I crouched down and held out my tongue, slathering the soft mounds of flesh. Anna moaned softly as I sucked on her nipples and squeezed her tits.
“Oh, that feels so good.” She cooed as I took advantage of every soft patch of skin in her full breasts. I wished they were bigger, so that I would have more to play with and could give her a real tittie-fuck.
Once I had gotten all the joy I could out of her small breasts, I crouched down and turned off the drill. I removed the bumpy dildo and held it up. Anna leaned forward, sticking out her tongue and desperately trying to lick off the thick layer of her juices.
“Please let me taste it Daddy, I want to taste my pussy.” She groaned in desperation.
I held the dildo in front of her face, close enough for her tongue to just barely touch the end of it. She quickly pulled her tongue back in, like a frog nabbing a fly. She washed the drop of her pussy juice she had managed to nab around in her mouth, savoring the kinky taste.
The second her lips parted, I pushed the entire dildo into her mouth, almost ramming the back of her throat on it. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she gave a gurgling sound as she sucked on the toy, slurping off every single glob of her pussy juice from between every bump and crease. While she deep-throated the dildo, I looked down at the Dixie cup that had been set to collect her dripping juices. The level of the fluid in the Dixie cup was already a couple centimeters high. I picked up the cup and held it in front of her lips. I pulled out the dildo and let the saliva drip into the cup.
“Wash this around in your mouth, but don’t swallow it.” I instructed.
She held her mouth open hungrily and I poured the juices in, letting her gargle with her own fluids. She had a wide smile on her face as she washed the sweet liquid around in her mouth, savoring the taste. I pressed my lips against hers and began kissing her. I sent my tongue into the preteen’s mouth, which was as tiny as it was soft. It’s funny, whenever I licked the inside of the girls’ mouths, it always tasted like they had just been eating candy. Maybe that was the taste of their youth.
While Anna and I French-kissed each other, I was working my hand between her legs, sending my fingers into her asshole and rubbing her cunt with my thumb. With my tongue in her mouth, I was able to taste her pussy juice, and boy did it taste good. I pulled my lips away and held up the Dixie cup and my hand. She emptied the contents of her mouth into it and then began sucking on my thumb and fingers.
I crouched down and sent my tongue into her gaping pussy, savoring the taste of her insides and the softness. She was so horny that her juices were flowing freely into my mouth. Her cunt tasted the sweetest of all, it was so delicious that it was practically addicting.
After a few minutes, I reattached the dildo to the twisting arm of the drill, but adjusted the position. I pushed the dildo into her anus and she gave a soft whine. I turned it on and she screamed as the bulbous toy began spinning in her asshole wildly.
Standing awkwardly and trying to maneuver around the legs of the seat, I pushed my cock into her gaping cunt. I began driving up and down, trying to send my cock as far up into her as possible my awkward standing position. With the lumpy dildo spinning in her asshole and my dick pumping in and out of her stretched cunt, Anna was whining and rolling her head from side to side as she came over and over again.
I gripped the narrow metal back of the chair with one arm and using my free hand to hold her head still while I kissed her. Unfortunately, I was not able to fuck her for very long. The uncomfortable position was both causing cramps and taking a lot of energy to maintain. I reluctantly had to back off and move on.
I climbed onto the bed looked down at Emily with a smile. She was coated in sweat from countless orgasms and the sheets underneath her were wet with her juices. I pulled out her ball gag and she gasped for air, but she wasn’t able to breath for long, as I quickly pushed my cock into her mouth.
With three vibrators buzzing inside her, Emily moaned as she hungrily sucked on my manhood, trying to get me to cum in her mouth. Like her best friend, Emily was obsessed with me cumming in her mouth. Whenever she came over after the first orgy, she would rush over to me, pull my cock out of my pants, and begin sucking on it, desperate to taste my sperm. It was like chocolate syrup to her and my daughter.
After a masterful blowjob from Emily, I pulled my cock out and moved down. Much to Emily’s disappointment and relief, I turned off the vibrators inside her and slowly removed them. I then released the handcuffs binding her ankles to the bedposts and stood up, raising her legs all the way so that she was curled up with only her head, neck, and part of her back touching the bed and her ass sticking up.
I crouched down and buried my face in between her legs, slurping and slobbering on her soft cunt and gaping asshole. Emily moaned as I ate her out, licking up every single drop of pussy juice and savoring the taste of her sweet asshole.
“Yes Daddy, please lick me! Lick my pussy and ass, I want your tongue inside me!” Emily groaned.
For several minutes, I had her hunched over while I licked every corner of her insides that I could reach. While I ate her out, Emily sucked on my ballsack, swirling her tongue around the wrinkled flesh. Once my thirst had been quenched, I stood up and hefted my manhood.
I pressed the head of my cock against her pussy lips and rammed it in, making her cry out. Swinging my pelvis back and forth, I fucked Emily’s tiny body as hard and fast as possible. A wet chewing sound echoed from her cunt as I fucked it, while beneath me, Emily’s eyes had rolled back into her head and she was moaning in joy as I violated her.
After all the stimulation from the vibrators, it only took a few minutes for her to have her umpteenth orgasm. Without missing a beat, I pulled out and forced my cock into her loose asshole. Emily bit her lip and whined as I entered her without any hesitation. Unlike Julia, Emily’s anus was still rather tight. It had only experienced a vibrator buzzing inside, not getting hammered over and over again by a dildo.
Bobbing up and down with my cock driving into the young girl, I looked around at my daughter and the rest of her friends. Lisa was hanging upside down on the X rig, moaning as the fuck machine rammed her over and over every second. Her saliva was dripping from her ball gag and into the Dixie cup on the floor.
Ellen was fucking Julia’s stretched asshole with the strap-on as hard and fast as she could, but it was obvious she was tired. Julia on the other hand, was moaning in ecstasy and crying Ellen’s name as she had orgasm after orgasm. She was begging for her friend to violate her even harder and faster.
Anna was groaning as the bulbous dildo pummeled every square centimeter of her anus. Like Julia, she was begging for more, in the form of her hands being released so that she could rub her pussy or at least be allowed to suck on the dildo again.
As I planned out what I would do next, Emily screamed from yet another orgasm. That was my signal to move on. I dismounted her and let her legs fall back to the bed while she tried to catch her breath.
“Ok girls, I think you’ve all been punished enough. Now we can have some real fun.” I said with a smile.

Now that all of the rigs had been explored and “broken in”, I had the girls all start changing places. They all took turns on the different rigs and with the different toys. Often, the rigs would be completely abandoned, as the girls would desperately try to get a turn on my cock. But when I was completely preoccupied, they would go back to the rigs and even individual toys. It was a cascade of different options and combinations.

Anna took Julia’s place in the sex swing and was sucking me off as she was double-teamed by the twin-dildo fuck machine. Her exact words were “please let me suck your cock Daddy, I want to be fucked in every hole”. Behind me, Emily and Lisa were fucking each other with the double-headed dildo. They had been best friends since preschool, and now they were smacking their cute little asses together as they violated their cunts with the long sex toy. Up on the bed, Ellen and Anna were lying side by side, kissing as they rubbed each other’s pussies with two of the vibrators.

My daughter was bouncing on my cock wildly, sending it as far up into her asshole as possible. With my manhood skewered her anus over and over again, Julia was crouched in front of her, wearing the strap-on and fucking her with it. Lisa was crying out in ecstasy as she bounced on my cock and the dildo. Down on the floor, Anna was lying on her back with Emily on top of her. While Anna licked her pussy, Emily was deep-throating one head of the double-dildo and fucking Anna with the other. Beside them, Ellen was plunging a vibrator into her asshole and fingering herself as she watched Emily sit on her friend’s face, smothering it in her tiny ass cheeks.

Julia was in the X rig, getting rammed by the fuck machine while a vibrator buzzed in her asshole. I was spinning her and burning her over and over again with the zapper, covering her petite body in tiny singe marks. Ellen was on her knees in front of me, sucking on my cock and touching herself. On the other side of the room, Anna was back on the metal chair, moaning as the bulbous dildo spun in her asshole and a vibrator buzzed in her cunt. Lisa and Emily were sucking on her nipples and slathering her full breasts with their tongues, while fucking themselves with the other two vibrators.

Anna was hanging on her back in the sex swing. On her nipples were two clothespins and her breasts were bouncing and rolling as I rammed her asshole. I was holding the zapper in my hand, burning her breasts and flat belly over and over again. Down on the floor, Julia and Emily were fucking each other with the double-dildo, using it to pulverize their assholes. Up on the bed, Ellen was on her stomach with her wrists and ankles bound in handcuffs. Lisa was on top of her, ravaging her with the strap-on so fast and so hard that the tiny Asian girl was crying out in pain.

I was on the bed with Julia, fucking her sloppy wet cunt. I was sitting on the soles of my feet, while Julia was lying on her side. She had the zapper in her hand and was using it to shock her breasts. Lisa was standing beside me and we were licking the inside of each other’s mouths. Behind us, Ellen was fucking Anna with the strap-on, while Emily hung in the sex swing, with her asshole and pussy being inhumanly abused by the twin-dildo fuck machine.

Emily was bounding up and down on my cock, but she was on her hands and knees with her back to me, swinging her pelvis up and down. I had the zapper and was using it to pepper her rear with tiny burns. Ellen was sitting on my face and I was licking her soft camel toe. Lisa was on her hands and knees beside me, getting her cunt rammed by Julia. Up on the bed, Anna was watching us and rubbing her pussy in arousal.

I was standing in the center of the room, holding Ellen upside-down like in a human wheelbarrow race. I was driving my cock into her cunt, with Lisa lying on the floor beneath us and making out with Ellen. Next to us, Julia was scissoring Anna, who was having her face sat on by Emily. I pulled my cock out of the Ellen’s anus and Lisa quickly sat up and began sucking me off, gorging herself on the ass juice that coated the shaft and head of my manhood. Once she had licked off every last bit of flavor, she stroked my dick for a few seconds, then guided it into Ellen’s cunt.

I was sitting on the soles of my feet, fucking the Emily ravaged pussy. In my hand was my belt, and I was using it to smack her soft flesh with brutal harshness. She would cry out and whimper every time it lashed her skin, but she did not ask me to top. Several feet away, Anna and Ellen were eating each other out in the 69 position. Against the wall, Lisa was set up in the fuck chair, taking advantage of the high-torque drill in the base to bounce on the dildo while it spun in her cunt. Julia was standing beside her, sucking on Lisa’s tongue and stimulating herself with one of the vibrators.
“So, do you like being like little fuck-slave?” I asked sadistically with the zapper in my hand. Julia was in my lap, sticking her ass in the air. I was using the singing barbs of the zapper as basically a tattoo gun.
“Yes Daddy, I love being for fuck-slave! Punish me Daddy! I’m your little fuck-slave and I want your cock!” She screamed in pain and arousal as I burned my initials onto her left ass cheek.
All the other girls had been branded the same way, almost turning them into property and further strengthening the status quo that I could do whatever I wanted to them and they had to take it. Once I was finished, I dragged my tongue up her ass cheek and over the brand.
“You belong to me now.” I muttered.
“Yes Daddy, I’m your little sex toy, now please fuck me!” She begged.

I was sitting on the bed, holding a large plastic cup from the kitchen. Beside me were the crumpled up Dixie cups, having been emptied into the larger cup. The saliva and pussy juices of all five girls had been mixed together and I had smile on my face as looked at the volume of the combined fluids.
All five girls were on the floor, lying on the backs of their necks with their lower backs against the sides of the bed and their asses sticking in the air, like when I was first fucking Emily. They were rubbing their pussies with one hand and holding their gaping assholes open with the other.
I moved over to Lisa and held up the cup and a funnel I had grabbed from the kitchen.
“Do you want this inside you?” I asked with a grin.
“Yes please Daddy.” She pleaded.
In reply, I inserted the nozzle of the funnel into her anus and slowly began to pour the liquid. Lisa gasped in unparalleled arousal as she felt the saliva and pussy juices of her and her friends being poured straight down her asshole as basically a multi-essence-enema. I poured about a fifth of the total amount of fluid into her and stopped. The second I removed the funnel, Lisa forced her fingers into her asshole, rubbing her soft insides in sexual euphoria as the juices of her friends soaked farther and farther into her body, stirring it even further.
I moved over to Ellen and inserted the funnel into her asshole. Next to her, Lisa had pulled out her fingers and was sucking on them, savoring the taste of the combined fluids. I poured the fluid down into her anus and she instantly cried out as she experienced an orgasm brought on solely by the kinky taboo of the liquid inside her.
I moved through the line of girls, emptying the cup of liquid into their assholes in one great enema-chain. With the cup empty, all the girls were fingering their assholes, trying to enhance the glorious sexy feeling.
“Alright girls, now get into a ring like you did the first time and drink it out of each other.” In instructed with a smile.
Careful not to let any spill, all five girls crawled to the center of the room on their hands and knees. They all formed a fink-link chain ring, with each girl’s face buried between the cute little ass cheeks of one of their friends. Humming in arousal, all the girls began drinking the fluid out of each other’s assholes, savoring the taste of it and the feeling of a tongue up in their anus.
I stepped off the bed and began stroking my bulging manhood. This orgy had been going on for more than six hours and the chemical I had injected into my penis was wearing off. Once it stopped working, my erection would fade and I wouldn’t have enough energy for another one. But the orgasm-prolonger was also wearing off, meaning that I could finally ejaculate.
“Ok girls, come over here. It’s time for me to cum, and you all know what that means.” I said with a smile.
At my words, all the girls scrambled over to me, shoving each other out of the way and each quickly sucking me off for a few seconds, trying to get me to shoot my load into their mouths.
“Now girls, there is no need to fight over it, there is plenty of sperm for everyone. Just press your faces against each other’s and stick out your tongues.” I said.
Lisa and her friends all did what they were told, forming a U-shape with their cheeks pressed against each other. Their mouths were wide open and they were sticking their tongues out. I began jacking my cock furiously, while trying to group every single drop of semen in my balls into a single large glob.
I leaned my head back and emitted a loud groan as I had my first orgasm. A thick stream of semen shot from the end of my cock, flying into Julia’s mouth and covering her tongue. I shifted and shot another glob, this time covering Emily’s tongue. I shifted again and shot a third glob, covering Ellen’s tongue. I changed my aim a fourth time and filled Anna’s mouth. I turned to my sweet young daughter, working up every single sperm into a single jet, then launching it. The thick spray coated her tongue and filled her mouth to the point where it was overflowing.
All the girls swallowed the jizz with warm smiles on their faces and then began to kiss each other, licking every spot of cum from each other’s mouths. While they made out, I looked out the window. The sky was turning pink as the sun began to rise. Our orgy had gone on for the entire night, and looking around, the proof was literally everywhere. Basically every surface and layer of fabric was coated or soaked in bodily fluids.
I looked down at my cock, which had become completely soft. To my relief, there was barely any soreness in my manhood. That chemical the cashier had sold me had worked like a dream, not to mention all the toys and rigs were fantastic.
Once they were done making out, the girls all took turns sucking my shriveled manhood, trying to slurp out one last tiny drop of semen.
“Sorry girls, but I’m done.” I said with a tired smile.
“Aw!” They all whined in disappointment. But while they were all acting like they were up for another round, I could see that they were all tired.
“Come on girls, let’s get some sleep.” I said.
I walked over to the bed and laid down with a tired sigh. The girls quickly jumped on with me, and nestled in as close as possible against me. Julia and Ellen were both curled up in my left arm, Anna and Emily were snuggled up in my right, and Lisa was lying on my chest like a dozing cat. All five girls had fallen asleep the second they laid down.
“Goodnight girls.” I said with a smile as I closed my eyes.
‘Now, what can I do to make the next orgy even better?’ I thought to myself as I slowly drifted to sleep.

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